Vino El Amor Capitulo 62

“They really space perfect for each other yet that connection will never ever go anywhere yet horizontal." -- Doris“She has joined un pretty to exclude, clu...wait, who on this admitir has NOT eliminated somebody yet? sociedad prolly no that exclusive after all...nevermind." -- Kirby

Miguel, y Tano come at ns Susanand mark encounter; some hazards were made y Mark tried come throwSusan under los bus for the benefit of los crowd. Césararrived with the lawyer, then ns police came. Firmar ran. One coptold Susan she would must go to the station come make ns statement. They went to perform so.

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Juan panicked about ns twoinvestigations; marcos called him come tell him los police are now alsoafter him about Susan and he requirements to split ns scene.
David talked to his kids about avendimia practice of burying un bottle of wine to be dug increase thefollowing year. Gracie wanted to be part of this.
Miguel do Luciana promise not to trydealing with mark for the sake that her own safety. She was gratefulhe cared for this reason much about her family. However, she didn"t desire toaccept los visa because she doubted Brian"s motives for getting itfor her. Michael thought this foolish .
Peter verified up at ns main casa andFerBrat told him she needed him to speak to first. Ns few inquiries latershe told the they to be over.
Susan went regreso to los employeequarters for her safety, determined to fight Mark. She got uno callfrom ns police speak they can"t find him, for this reason she started panickingall over again. Tano freaked.
Susan dubbed César to upgrade him. Hewas dentro route into David"s study y promised his help. He talkedwith David about this, climate David left to speak to Susan.
Mark went to Juan"s apartment and Juantold the they essential to acquire rid of the immigrants. They said aboutwhat come do. They desire to “get rid” of ns Coyote y take over. .
Marta do the efforts distracting herself bycleaning up the kitchen. Luciana updated her on Susan, that will bestaying in her room if Luciana slept in Marta"s with her. Martahasn"t to be able to avoid thinking about Brian yet y Luciana assuredher the lots of human being care around her. Hugs.
Mark talked around getting ns trailer andabout having contacts in Tijuana. Juan was concerned around therisks. Lock speculated top top what to do about Lt Gutiérrez.
Leon observed Ingrid off back to Mexico. She said she could have come come regreso to testify. She kissed himbefore departing; she definitely digs him and he appears to have actually noproblem with that.

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Lillian thanked David because that letting hertake part in the wine ceremony. She sounded eager sufficient to notsound favor her generalmente self, i m sorry David noticed. Gracie y the kidsarrived with a shovel y handed it to her. She looked much less thanenthused at managing it. Gracie then pointed out that the only thingleft was to reopen los bedroom David had actually shared con Lisa. He saidthat would certainly be in the own great time.
Brian came espalda to the employees"kitchen for another try at Marta"s ability to forgive. It was ano-go. Luciana wasn"t buying any kind of remorse desde him. Marta request herto leaving them alone and she complied. Marta called Brian she couldforgive him having been con Lillian however not that he lied to herabout knowing that he had deported she husband and daughter. He ventilación call representar the department about los Coyote y left with ns usualpromise the he would certainly not avoid trying. Perla saw and heard at leastsome that this.
David and the youngsters dug up a bottle hehad buried prior to Lisa died. He offered thanks to los earth and pouredout some of ns wine. Bobby began burying the siguiente one. Gracieturned top top faux charm and sincerity y Lillian was pleased.
Perla tried to taunt Marta but gotnowhere. Luciana gained back and suggested to her mother that she jointhe kids but Marta decreased to perform this, having cuales desire to correr intoLillian.
Gracie laid that on thick, speak howhappy Lisa would be, then pulled David away to talk about her art. Bobby wasn"t happy, together he to be hoping to invest more time with his dad.
Marta"s composure lastly broke and shecried at the thought of Lillian laughing at her. Luciana consoledher.
Lillian talked alone con Bobby, whowas beginning to feeling ignored. She do the efforts laying ns groundwork forBobby to expropriate the opinión of his dad y Gracie being a couple.
Susan y Tano come back, saying thedeposition walk well. However, she to be worried y didn"t desire tolive in ns employees" quarters forever.
Perla waited for juan at his place andthey argued. Ns Coyote is now in California y she"s scared. For this reason ishe.
Gracie tried to compare jadeo andwine and all that rot.... David thanked she for her aid in hisrecovery of his family. She kissed him. He to be either shocked ordispleased. We"ll find fuera in the next episode.

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Thank friend Urban, identificación think me gustaría like you as soon as you room in un hurry. (Like me gustaría like you once you are not)When Lillian to be wallowing in self pity talk to Luci she likewise mentioned she to be seriously considering leaving her task at ns vineyard. Y of food implied, she closeness to Luci y Leon.She has gone fuera with Brian what tres times? probably four. She slept with him, Ummm she has actually grown children there to be not ns deflowering, please. Me gustaría understand she feeling betrayed, y then los Lillian point does no help. Get over it old lady. Gain yourself un dozen cats.NoJuan discussed to monitor (TP) that his "Other" business is not doing as well as expected, y he demands money badly. I forgot the had one more business going.
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