Looking for the best places to eat in valencia ca? Look alguno further than nuevo Kyoto Sushi. Us don’t simply offer los best value all you deserve to eat food selection around, outdoor dining, y a saturado bar. Now, friend can likewise take advantage of contactless ordering, delivery, y even catering.

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Our thoroughly contemporary Asian combination restaurant will satisfy any craving because that sushi close to me. We use only los freshest sushi selections to develop our delicious entrees y appetizers and have un wide an option of beverages obtainable to meet varied tastes. The course, we also offer sake y Sapporo because that our important discerning adult guests.OurMissionNew Kyoto Sushi’s mission is to it is in one of ns best restoranes santa clarita residents deserve to imagine. We care around our customers, so we just serve fresh, top-quality fish and foods. Every server y chef at new Kyoto strives to carry out an impressive dining experience with friendly service y food that will certainly exceed her expectations.We do an ext than provide you with Sushi santa Clarita foodies will certainly love. Us add uno unique require to every dish. If girlfriend love sushi, you’ll adore our chefs’ distinct creations even if it is you opt to eat in our out door dining ar or stimulate take-away meals. More than ns bar y grill, new Kyoto episode strives to be every lugares sushi lover’s go-to for delicious comida at wonderful all you deserve to eat prices.


Since our key priority is you, our customers, us do every little thing we can to sell all ns options you have to have a fantastic dining experience. Nuevo Kyoto episode is currently ns only episode restaurant in the papa noel Clarita valley offering all-you-can-eat meals in uno safe, comfortable out setting. Find us online!A Brief history of SushiSushi has actually been uno staple of Japanese culture and cuisine for millennia. In its faster form, well-known today as narezushi, ns fish to be salted y lacto-fermented. Desde there, fish lovers relocated on come namanare, uno partially life fish dish that came wrapped in rice and was designed to be spend fresh.The sushi we gain today to be popularized during the Edo period y was recognized as nigirizushi. That was a dish created of un small mound that rice with fish draped gastos generales it. This regional specialty was sometimes combined with vinegar and vegetables to make haya-zushi, or rápido sushi. Both ns dishes popularized during ns Edo period have been refined over the decades, but they remain ns most ancha forms of sushi on Earth.Now, you don’t have to go to Tokyo come enjoy uno taste of historic Japanese culture. You can find sushi locations near me that offer the same level of refinement. Nuevo Kyoto complies with in what has become ns U.S. Tradition among sushi lovers, however we add uno unique twisted that’s every our own. Whether you’re looking for classic Japanese fare or something uno little different, you’ll find what you desire at nuevo Kyoto.Dining OptionsOur customers’ safety and satisfaction have constantly been our priority. That’s why nuevo Kyoto sushi has made decision to market multiple dining options. In enhancement to out seating, we likewise offer curb-side ordering y delivery.

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Discover us on:postmatesgrubhububer eatsdoor dashYou can additionally use facebook ordering to get los sushi girlfriend crave con none of the risks of dining out. Even if it is you’re eat alone or with ns Friend sushi is ns satisfying lunch or dinner meal any día of ns week.If you’re healthy, happy, and ready come be out in los world, come ar an stimulate in person. Our dining room and lounge space open y our friendly, knowledgeable staff is ready to make her night fuera de one to be remembered. We store our out dining ar clean, comfortable, y well-spaced, y well-staffed. Come check it out.Meals Shared con FriendsThere’s nothing better than a meal shared con friends. Don’t just search because that sushi close to me, then take your finest friend or your date to ns first restaurant that pops up. As soon as you cabeza to nuevo Kyoto Sushi, you’ll get an ext than just delicious sushi, teppanyaki, and other traditional Japanese delicacies. This impressive Asian combination restaurant has food fit for uno shogun.If you’re looking into restaurantes near me for un date, nuevo Kyoto also has you covered. Her friendly neighbour to 661 offers the perfect ambiance for uno first date. We also offer all you can drink specials because that our adult customers, including ns infamous services bomb. If you want to make un great impression on ns special someone, there’s alguna better means to do it than to take him or her el fin for uno fantastic night at new Kyoto.Emphasis on client SatisfactionThere’s un reason whatsupscv y other local websites have actually touted nuevo Kyoto as one of ns area’s best sushi restaurants. Ours chefs are constantly hard at work-related coming up with delicious meals, and every member that our staff is cursed to providing customers with the best dining experience they can imagine. That’s why we offer world-class comida at competitive prices with groupon discounts. At nuevo Kyoto, her satisfaction is constantly our priority.Where to find UsWhether friend live in Valencia, papá noel Clarita, Newhall, or Stevenson Ranch, your new favorite sushi place is appropriate around los corner. Situated near six flags, new Kyoto also caters come discerning visitors to the area. If you’re planning a visit to ese Angeles and the surrounding area, plan to spend a day north of ns city and include un visit come our restaurant while you’re here. We offer los best every you have the right to eat sushi near Palmdale.Our esteemed neighbors include ns California instituto of ns Arts, the vista Valencia golf Course, y many of ns city’s most beloved stores. You’ll uncover us in ~ 25712 The viejo Road in Stevenson Ranch, CA, best off of I-5. It’s straightforward drive representar our restaurant to plenty of of ns area’s esteemed attractions, y we’re open every día of the week con later hrs on Saturday. Whether you’re a lugares looking to impress your girlfriend or you’re just passing through, it’s precious making ns stop at nuevo Kyoto sushi to enjoy un delightful meal.Place an stimulate TodayReady to try sushi valencia citizens can’t avoid talking about? Don’t resolve for mr. Sushi or other sub-par options. New Kyoto is and always will certainly be her go-to avoid for sushi and delicious Asian-fusion meals. Cabeza in for dining y drinks or ar an order on line for uno takeout meal with more than a touch of elegance.