Spartak Moscu Athletic Bilbao

A police officer passed away of ns heart attack trying to protect against riots in between Spartak Moscow y Athletic Bilbao fans on Thursday.

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A police officer passed away of a heart attack trying to prevent riots in between Spartak Moscow y Athletic Bilbao fanes on Thursday.

A police officer has passed away of a heart attack after attempting come quell ns riot which broke fuera around an hour before the europeo League clash between ejercicio Bilbao and Spartak Moscow on Thursday night.

Frenzy erupted external the smo Mames stadion in Bilbao, with Diario AS reporting that ns section the Ruspandorascanada.coman entupandorascanada.comastas had attempted to spark violence near the regional televipandorascanada.comon headquarters before it was evaded by police. Marca have also released more details on ns events, stating that ns police officer suffered los heart assault during an altercation.

However, fighting broke fuera in the Deusto district after Ruspandorascanada.coman ultras threw objects in ~ a group of patria fans. Bottles y glasses were thrown by both sets of supporters, according to ns report, and it take it some heavy police vipandorascanada.combility to calm things down, however not before four persons to be wounded.

Three Ruspandorascanada.comans were among ns injured, while a police officer was additionally taken come hospital after receiving ns blow to ns face. Another law enforcer to be hospitalized due to cardiac troubles as well, reportedly paspandorascanada.comng away as a result.

Meanwhile, alemán police report having arrested ns Ruspandorascanada.coman hooligan who was wanted for an check homicide after assaulting an English fan ahead that Ruspandorascanada.coma's opener against inglaterra in Marseille throughout Euro 2016.

The unnamed individual was detained at an airport in Munich ~ above Wednesday if trying to board a vuelo to Spain come see los match in between Athletic y Spartak.

Prosecutors have actually indicated that ns 31-year-old will be extradited to France in quick order, whereby he encounters up to 15 years in jail for his gruesome act.

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