How To Add This Pc To Desktop In Windows 10

If you are searching for the “My Computer” (or This PC) icon on the latest Windows 11 or existing Windows 10 desktop, you will probably not find it except someone manually added it. It is one of the favourites & useful icons for all Windows users.

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Do follow the steps khổng lồ show/display the missing “My Computer” (This PC) icon on the Windows 11/10 desktop. The same steps are applicable for Windows 8.1/7 if you are still using these old Operating Systems.This is an essential icon to access the local drives, USB disks, CD/DVD drives, và other files. Definitely, you will be surprised by not seeing this most frequently used icon on Windows Operating Systems.

Steps to Display This PC/My Computer on Windows 11 & Win 10

I’m demonstrating these steps from Windows 11, but these steps & identical on Windows 10 as well (except for slight changes in icons & appearance)1) Right-click on the empty space of the desktop. Click on ‘Personalize’.

2) In Windows 11 or 10, it will take lớn the settings app.Click ‘Themes’ in the Personalization settings and ‘Go to lớn desktop icon settings’ shown below.

Pin This PC/My Computer to Start thực đơn in Windows 11/10

As you know, start menu returned in Windows 10. By default, My Computer icon is not included in the start menu. You can follow the below method khổng lồ pin it (This PC) icon lớn start menu and list.Also, the start menu got revamped in Windows 11 which looks great compared khổng lồ earlier Microsoft Operating Systems.

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4) Right-Click on the ‘This PC’ icon after you have enabled it to display on the desktop. Select Pin lớn Start in Windows 11.

If you want to hide all icons from the desktop in Windows 10/11, here is the way.Right Click on the empty space on the desktop, select View và remove ‘Show desktop icons’ lớn hide all icons from the desktop. You can enable back to show all icons on the desktop again.
Hope this guide is helpful in displaying My Computer và Recycle Bin icons on Windows 11/10 Desktop and start list.
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Still I cannot see my desktop icons. The screen showing is locked & unable to press right click. Desktop files are there in C drive but showing on screen. It is showing only quick links and useful tools.


This is so great. This was the clearest instruction I have ever had for anything. & it was exactly as you said và now my “pc” is on the desk and as soon as I post this, I will tack it to lớn the bottom. THANK YOU!!!!!!


Suddenly ‘This PC’ disappeared. In the themes/desktop icon section, Computer is checked (along with Recycle Bin). I can check/uncheck all the other icons (including This PC). Apply shows/hides appropriate icons, except for the Computer icon. It refuses khổng lồ appear on the desk top. BTW Win 10.I have rebooted, checked/unchecked, etc. I can not get the computer icon to lớn show on desktop. Am I heading into the registry khổng lồ find issue? If so, where?


Tried so many suggestions & none worked. But yours DID!!!!! Fabulous. Thank you, thank you. You may publish my unsolicited name & address.dinocerutt