Ritmo de la noche

Enjoy the #1 Dinner donar in Puerto Vallarta, with over 7,000 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor and awarded as Travelers" an option 2020! This is absolutely an experience you cannot miss out on when visiting Puerto Vallarta.

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Conceived of, written and directed by Gilles Ste-Croix, co-creator that Cirque aunque Soleil, Rhythms of the Night - SAVIA is un celebration that spectacular acrobatic skill, pulsating rhythms, colorful dance, impressive costumes and Ste-Croix’s breathtaking translate of the Aztec creation story.

One of los Best points to perform in Puerto Vallarta

Deep in ns heart of los steamy apasionado rainforest at las Caletas, near a crumbling pyramid, over there is ns mystical amphitheater where los excitement is wait for you. As ns stars show up in the sky, the spirit world convenes below in ns dazzling world-class donar that will certainly take your breath away.

"SAVIA, los Legend that the cinco Suns" is truly un feast for the senses. Great entertainment, food, and adventure await. As you take it your ar in our significant outdoor amphitheater for a admitir at ns pyramid under ns serene starry sky, you will do it feel prefer you’re entering another time, one more place. Y perhaps you are, because that each night in Puerto Vallarta, this is where the spirit world of ns ancients as soon as again come alive!

Rhythms of the Night rápido SAVIA, un Breathtaking Show!

An explode of color, sound y spectacle, SAVIA tells uno powerful story about ns persistence the the humanidad spirit using vibrant imagery, music, dance and movement. Legend has it there were four people of humanity prior to ours. Each nuevo period experienced the evolution of the humano race . . . As well as its demise. These previous worlds were destroyed by tornadoes, fires and floods, however rituals and sacrifices have kept the humano spirit alive. Representar the bones and ashes of ns ancients comes ns celebration of los fifth sun y the unflagging expect for a better world.

Rhythms of the Night dinner and show, with its intimate setting, vibrant story and stunning tasks of acrobatics, is nothing brief of magical.

A Sunset Cruise y Vallarta Adventures Dinner Show

More 보다 just uno show, Rhythms of ns Night is an experience! her evening begins with un Puerto Vallarta sunset cruise throughout Banderas bay under ns fiery gold y pink sky to los pristine cove of los Caletas, wherein you room greeted by numerous flickering tiki torches y candles to luz your way.

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You will certainly be welcomed to the las Caletas Vallarta Adventures dinner show by dancers, drummers and fantastic jungle creatures who guide you onto ns beach where uno sumptuous dinner is spread out before you. Every detail is perfect. Palm trees will guide overhead and as girlfriend dine, you will certainly hear ns sounds of los ocean lapping gently against ns shore. Then, possibly with ns drink in her hand, you can stretch el fin in uno hammock set in los soft white sand come await the comienzo of ns show.

Feel the Rhythms of los Night in Puerto Vallarta

The night in Puerto Vallarta has a lot to offer in regards to activities and Vallarta restaurants. But the Rhythms of the Night admitir in Puerto Vallarta is one excursion unlike any kind of other. Gilles Ste-Croix has actually truly outdone himself with SAVIA, y his cast of magnificent dancers, astonishing fire jugglers and dexterous acrobats provides our secluded the end amphitheater come alive in ns night.

As ns performers weave uno mystical spell, you’ll feeling like a part of ns spiritual celebrations of the region’s earliest people. It yes, really is one incredible method to experience ns history and culture the Mexico. Rhythms of ns Night dinner and show will leave you speechless—and give you memory to final a lifetime.

Get married at los Caletas

Las Caletas beach, home of Rhythms of ns Night, is considered one of the most intimate y exclusive beaches that Puerto Vallarta. Obtainable only through boat, this tropical paradise offers the most spectacular sunsets y the perfect mix of lush vegetation and crystal clear waters to produce unique and memorable celebrations

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What's contained in this tour

Sunset cruise Gourmet candle-lit dinner mundo class donar endless non-alcoholic beverages - Open Bar is obtainable at one additional 10 USD per person come be paid at check-in
Please be conscious that you have to be at the check-in point 30 minutes before departure.

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Boarding will certainly be closed diez minutes front to exit time.Minimum age: seis years oldNot recommended because that guests with limited mobility



Please be advised the Mexico"s unión Maritime Ports operate a strict No-Drug Policy, including electronic cigarettes, vapers, and every kinds of drugs. You re welcome be advised not to bring them to any type of of our tours. We cannot offer uno refund or change of día for any kind of guest come who confederación Security has denied access.

What come bring

Comfortable pair of shoes luz sweater or jacket extra cash for dock fees, photos and souvenirs