When it involves coffee, you’ve probably heard los word “Quintal.” un quintal is uno unit of mass that was offered in old times. That is etymology derives desde the spain Arabic “quintar”, i m sorry in turn, comes from the Syrian “qantira” y this comes from the Latin “centenarium”, which way “centenary”.

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According to this, uno quintal in los coffee article is tantamount to 100 pounds or about 46 kilograms. Although zonificado is no widely offered today, some Latin american nations proceed to usar it to sweet wholesale food.


Green coffee quintal

Coffee Quintal

From los time of harvest to roasting, coffee cherry undergoes a series of transformations where it loser weight. So ns weight of ns quintal that coffee cherry will be different desde the load of a quintal that roasted coffee.

Below we dando you los weight in quintal, of the coffee in every transformation.

COFFEE CHERRY • uno Quintal = doscientos cincuenta Kg. • Coffee built up in the harvest.

PARCHMENT COFFEE • uno Quintal = 57.5 Kg. • This coffee has been mechanically pulped. • ns mucilage is removed. • moisture is extracted representar the serial (dried).

GREEN COFFEE • uno Quintal = cuarenta y seis Kg. • ns parchment is removed. • ns grain is dried come reach values of 11% -12% humidity. • This is the coffee the is usually sold wholesale.

ROASTED COFFEE • uno Quintal = 37 Kg. • Coffee loser its moisture during this phase. • This is los coffee that is marketed for consumption.

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Quintal weight according to the type the coffee


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