An incredible amount of power — y all your content — in just one pound. Los iPad aire is 28% lighter y 20% diluent so you have the right to do so lot more with so much less.

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All You need to recognize About ns Apple iPad atmósfera 1st Generation

Apple released los iPad air in November 2013 as the siguiente iteration of ns iPad. That marked uno major adjust for ns series, which consisted of being lighter y thinner. The Apple iPad atmósfera 1st generation is accessible in ns number of various configurations so the users deserve to select the options the suit them.

Whats the iPad Air?

The iPad air is ns tablet computer and the fifth iteration of ns iPad series, no counting ns iPad mini. Apple called it the atmósfera rather than los iPad cinco in stimulate to draw attention to the physical style changes, which were intended to make ns device much more portable. You might see this modelo referred come as los 1st generation, i m sorry is to identify it from the iPad Air dos released in 2014. In regards to aesthetics, the tablet was produced in both silver and space gray.

What are the device specifications?

The device shipped con iOS 7.0.3 and has ongoing receiving updates v iOS 11.3.1. It uses uno 64-bit architecture and includes ns 1.4GHz dual-core processor. Los CPU is paired with 1GB that RAM. The touchscreen is an IPS screen that actions 9.7 inches y supports a 2048-by-1536 resolution. These models weigh no more than 478 grams--or uno little an ext than ns pound--depending on ns configuration. Ns size is 9.4 by 6.67 by 0.30 inches. Girlfriend may additionally choose how much user-accessible interior storage the iPad air has. Options include:

16 GB32 GB64 GB128 GB

Which connectivity options does apologize offer?

Apple offered the iPad aire in two configurations: just Wi-Fi qualified or Wi-Fi and cellular capable. Los Apple iPad aire models that support cellular have uno SIM map slot. With both setups, your tablet computer has an incorporated Wi-Fi adapter that can connect to patria networks, office networks, y private y public hotspots. All other link features are non-optional. These include:

Bluetooth 4.0Headphone jackDual microphonesLightning connector3.5mm headphone mini-jack

Which cameras does los Apple iPad atmósfera have?

For ns 1st generation iPad Air, Apple has provided dos cameras. Ns 5MP rear-facing cameras is sobre steis for taking high-quality photos y recording 1080p HD video. This apple iSight cámara has autofocus, backside illumination, ns hybrid seguir filter, and many various other features. Ns 1.2MP front-facing cámara can be provided for FaceTime y selfies y can document 720p HD video.

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Which battery does los Apple iPad aire have?

This device has un built-in 32.4-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery it is rechargeable. You have the right to charge it via an contained power adapter or through a computer system vía USB. Ns manufacturer estimates that a lleno charge can administer you diez hours of heavy usage, such together watching vídeo or surfing ns Web.

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