Playa san pedro cabo de gata

There room not numerous places you can go camping in nature in Andalucia. Especially beach camping is completely illegal. But there is one place you can set up ns tent on ns beach where the police is fine aware and even protecting the activity.The hippie settlement of Cala de San Pedro in promontorio de Gata-Níjar natural Park, Almeria, has actually brought a huge earnings to the village of los Negras as countless backpackers y free spirits head over to los only coast you deserve to “legally” beach acampar in Spain. The mesmerizing coastal hike from Las negras to Cala ese San Pedro is fairly easy however truly one of los most distinctive hikes in Andalucia. If she up because that an adventure like alguno other, carry your long tent, enough food for ns few days, y get going! Following, okay share all ns information you need to have a successful hike y stay at Cala después San Pedro.

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Views to Cala ese San Pedro
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Practical informationHow to gain to las NegrasHow to gain to the trailheadWhat come bringWhere to remain in las NegrasHere room hotel optionsHiking come Cala del San Pedro in capa de GataReflections ~ above Cala de San Pedro, Almeria

Practical information

Province: AlmeriaLength: 10,1 km returnTime: 2,5 hours returnElevation: cien mRoute: LinearDifficulty: Easy-mediumHiking season: All year round, though July-mid-September might be incredibly hot!Hiking con dogs: Allowed, yet be aware that over there are uno lot of totally free roaming dogs in ns cove and alguno natural water sources along the trail. Check fuera what you need to know around hiking with dogs before you go here.
Closing abajo towards Cala del San Pedro you’ll aprobar the castillo de san Pedro ruins

How to obtain to las Negras

Las negro is on ns east página of capa de Gata. The closest international airport to las Negras is in Almeria and it bring away about 40 minutes come drive. As soon as exploring cabo de Gata-Níjar naturaleza Park, it’s very recommended come drive, as there are big distances between villages y very poor bus service.The bus no. M-203 goes between Almeria y Las Negras y uses about 1hr and 15 min. You have the right to check ns route here. Over there is also Alsa the seem come have more departures within the natural park – find an ext information here.You can also hike in between villages in the natural park but me gustaría don’t recommend that in the summer month as ns temperatures deserve to get extremely high, delaware all, this is one area with desert!An alternative, is to look for a hotel with airport shuttle.

The beginning of the track top to los parking lot and the trail bring about Cala ese San Pedro

How to gain to ns trailhead

From ns Negras, andar east (left looking abajo at the beach) up calle Aguillas or calle Bahia después las negro until you have the right to turn right and onto un dirt track. This is significant by ns sign indicating a dead-end in tres km. A lot that people pick to drive in below to ns parking lot tres km up, but me gustaría like to andar it unless it’s really hot day!
Views of los Negras desde the start of the track to Cala del San Pedro

What to bring

When hiking to Cala de San Pedro, over there is cuales shade, for this reason on uno sunny day, you should cover your head, have a lot that water, y sunscreen. Make sure you have a día hiking backpack con enough space for whatever you need even if you destinadas on returning the same day. You deserve to fill up your water party at Cala del San Pedro together there is a natural water source that the locals use.Depending top top how plenty of days you plan to stay, make certain you bring enough food and everything you bring with you is your obligation to take it back and dispose of properly. It has varied un lot desde year to year if they sell food and drinks in the bay or not. Occasionally there room locals marketing tasty sandwiches, also vegan options, and other años they haven’t. So you’re far better off happen what you need and take some cash in case you can support los locals.Even despite it’s un fairly short and easy hike, me gustaría highly introduce wearing hiking shoes or great quality sneakers. The last bit abajo to Cala ese San Pedro is a bit rocky y steep, y can quickly get slippery.Make sure you at the very least bring the following:WaterSunscreenHat/capsSnackFoodSwimsuitTowelFlip flopsCamera

Where to remain in las Negras

If you plan on continuing to be in los Negras before or delaware your hike come Cala del San Pedro, over there are un few hotel options, yet you can also stay in ~ the acampar side campin La Caleta. You find an ext information around the acampar side y bookings here.Las negro is un charming white seaside village with uno beach consists of black rocks. Los village is saturado of life in ns summer months however becomes quite ns opposite in ns winter. If you’re in search of nice beaches, los Negras could not be the best location to stay for long, however it’s a short journey to los most well known beach in cabo de Gata, los Muertos beach, y many in between. So definitely ns good bases if you go for trabaja trips by car.

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Cala después San Pedro desde the finalmente trail abajo to los beach
Hotel Spa Calagrande cabo de GataThis is a wonderful spa hotel with an external pool and impeccable views. It’s located on ns beachfront, for this reason it’s perfect for los warmer months of los year. You can also enjoy los Turkish bath. Los hotel has actually its own restaurant and bar.Book here
Cala Chica cabo de GataAnother great hotel choice close to the beach with an outdoor swim pool and rooms with a terrace y views. Los hotel has uno bar and their parent hotel, only a short caminar away has actually both un restaurant y a spa.Book here
BitacoraThis is a wonderful apartment hotel collection just outside ns village. It’s los perfect selection if you want your own space with a kitchen so you can prepare your very own food y store the in un fridge. Over there is a swimming pool and a bar there y if girlfriend come through car, friend have cost-free parking outside.Book here
Views along los trail

Hiking come Cala ese San Pedro in cabo de Gata

Start los hike through following ns track for 3 km till you gain to ns parking lot of (you have the right to take your car all the way there) whereby you obtain onto uno narrow follow following the mesmerizing coastline. Ns views of los glittering blue sea soon opens up and follows you because that the next hour on basic path.

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When you acquire closer to Cala del San Pedro, los path it s okay steeper and rockier as it winds down towards the bay, past los well-preserved ruins of cerrar con llave de smo Pedro. You’ll ocurrir a wide range of lush fruta trees y the odd hippie patria integrated right into the naturaleza surroundings until you get down to the beach.As stated above, this coast has become very generalizado among backpackers, y as with most far beaches in capa de Gata, garments is optional.If you’ve lugged your tent, you deserve to look for ns free point out to pitch your casa for ns night before exploring los area. In the direction you came from, over there is a naturaleza water source where civilization shower and you can collect drink water. There is no need come filter it, at the very least I’ve always been fine and so have actually everyone else I’ve met over there (including ns locals.)Several la edad ago, over there was a huge problem con people walking to ns toilet in nature y leaving your sh*t on the ground. I’ve red more than one person say this is the most disgusting place they’ve been because of that.In los later years, los locals have built several bathrooms in ns area consist of of a hole in the ground with ns wooden lid on it and a fence about so you also get your privacy. These room marked con flags for this reason they’re simple to spot. Usar THEM!There are numerous trails in the area whereby you have the right to explore los surroundings, yet make sure you respect gardens y houses. There are civilization living there.In general, make sure you follow los Leave no Trace values so the everyone have the right to enjoy the beauty that this naturalmente area.

Reflections on Cala ese San Pedro, Almeria

Cala ese San Pedro in promontorio de Gata is among my pure favorite places to go for coast camping y the hike is beautiful. As stated before, ns lot that travelers have actually commented just how it’s dirty and smelly.I mean, the a natural space y if those who go over there don’t take responsibility it will become so. But, also, don’t go to ns remote beach expecting it to be a five-star hotel. You go there for ns sake of gift in nature right?Personally, me gustaría think that the measures that have actually been make by los locals, creating the outdoor toilets y setting increase signs have actually helped ns lot. That everyone’s obligation to execute their part y I think that if you walk there with an open mind y do your component you’ll have a blast!If you’re not up because that beach camping, it’s still ns unique place to discover. Every hora I’ve to be there, i have chatted with the locals y they’ve constantly been open to sharing your stories. It’s serious one of the highlights in promontorio de Gata, among many more!