Nestled in southern Spain, lies Parque natural Sierra después las Nieves (Sierra después las Nieves natural Park); ns stunning outdoor entretener destination just exterior the city of Ronda. The parque contains 59 named mountains with Torrecilla gift both ns highest, 1,919 m (6,296 ft), and the most prominent, 1,469 m (4,820 ft). In dos mil diecinueve the Parque naturalmente Sierra después las Nieves became the 16th nacional park in Spain.

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Parque naturaleza Sierra después las Nieves is located in the southern an ar of Spain in los autonomous comunidad of Andalusia. The parque spans 93,930 ha (363 cuadrado miles) across southern Spain.

The parque is focused around ns tallest peak, Torrecilla, which is component of los Sierra después las Nieves mountain range. This subrange is part of the larger Penibaetic mechanism of mountains. Ns rugged mountain peaks room interspersed con dense part of fir forests. Amidst these peaks that Spain also lie ns deep networks that caves and caverns. There room relatively few flat landscapes en the parque which has added to there gift very small agricultural activity.

Additionally, Parque naturalmente Sierra del las Nieves is located near un large variety of other popular outdoor recreación areas. This includes los Parque naturalmente Montes después Málaga (Montes después Málaga naturaleza Park) to los east, Parque naturaleza Sierra después Tejeda, Almijara, y Alhama (Sierras the Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama naturaleza Park) to the northeast, y Parque Nacional después Doñana ( Doñana nacional Park) to west.


The Sierra del la Nieves mountain variety that lies dentro de the park boundaries is characterized as uno karstic range. These limestone peaks have come to be eroded y shaped gastos generales millions of la edad to create the peaks travellers see today. Subranges within the parque include ns Sierra ese la Nieve, Sierra ese Tolox, and the Sierra después Pinar.The hill range, and the park, are full of distinct shafts follow me with a deep network that caves. Though over there are numerous caves throughout ns park, part of ns most well are Hoyos del Pilar, Hoyos después Lifa, and Cuevas después Moro. The GESM obelisk in the parque is the deepest recognized one in every one of Europe to decrease down mil noventa y ocho m (3,602 ft).

There are countless shafts y are hundreds of meters deep, part being also narrow come explore. Los Guadalevin River cut through los park y is thought to have actually carved the Tajo del Ronda canyon.

Major peaks en the parque include Torrecilla, Cerrete después los Valientes, Cerro Alto, and Peñon de los Enamorados.


The substantial biodiversity the the parque led to it becoming ns protected UNESCO biosphere. Ns lack of large villages and cities in the parque has result in ns preservation that many species of flora y fauna.Dense forests cover much of ns lower elevation in the park, including ns endemic Spanish Fir, bile Oak, ash, chestnut, pine, y wild olive trees. Chestnut trees are often discovered near water resources in the parque while cork oak lie in ns western region of los park.

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The animals in the parque are common of other parks located in southerly Spain. Big populations of doe deer, hill goat, y corzo. The park is also patria to meloncillo. These types of mongoose are endangered in other parts of southerly Spain. Royal owls along con other bird of food soar the skies of the park.

Human History

Despite ns park’s place to countless communities, ns land y mountain variety have been fairly unaffected. Ns rugged terrain has actually resulted in minimal agricultural activity within ns mountain ranges. Within los deep network the caves in ns park, explorers have uncovered historical artifacts, despite most have actually been recovered and are kept at los Málaga Museum.

Despite ns moderately high elevations of ns mountain range, ns peaks do receive snowfall during los winter months, hence the meaning of their name; snow hill range.Prior to coming to be a parque the land became an established hunting reserve in 1970. In 1989 the land to be then named a natural park. Simply six years later in 1995, the parque was declared ns Biosphere to make reservation by UNESCO.

Major Trails & hiking Areas

Parque natural Sierra de las Nieves is patria to countless trails. Here are some of the top hiking locations to visit in ns park:

Guadalmina coronación Trail

The Guadalmina muelle Trail is one of ns most ancha routes in los park. The 5 km (3 mile) loop trail has just 116 m (383 ft) elevation gain. This gentle trail adheres to along the Guadalmina River con view that the observatorio de los tres Pérgolas traveling throughout numerous bridges along ns way

Peña del los Enamorados

Located on the eastern sheet of the parque lies the Peña de los Enamorados. This desafío 15.4 kilometres (9.6 miles) hike has ochocientos veintitrés m (2,700 ft) elevation gain. Los loop trail showcases ns distinct peaks the make up ns Sierra de las Nieves mountain range. Visitors travel through the forests of the parque along with ns section walk through los Tajo después la Caina. Greater elevations provide viewpoints of los park and surrounding peaks.

Sierra Parda del Tolox

Located along los northern fin of the ver Nevada país Park lies the sierra Parda ese Tolox loop trail. Ns route is trece km (8 miles) with seiscientos sesenta y uno m (2,168 ft) key gain. Visitors travel with both forested sections also as ns trip near los Rejia ravine in the direction of the bailar de la Virgen. Waterfalls can be watched throughout los trail.

Major Cities

Looking for a place come stay near Parque naturaleza Sierra de las Nieves? below are part of ns best cities and villages come check fuera de in ns region:


Located just northwest the the park lies the ciudad of Ronda. The city has a population of approximately 35,000. Remains have actually been discovered throughout the mountainous city dating espalda to los Neolithic Age. The Guadalevin flow runs throughout los city, separating it into two distinct regions.The fairly small ciudad is known for its close proximity to los park, laid trasero lifestyle y cultural history. Ronda is also known for ns Corrida Goyesca bullfight the takes ar once a year in the Plaza de toros después Ronda, well-known for being los oldest bullfighting ring in every one of Spain.

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Located sur of ns park, along ns coast lies the ciudad of Marbella. The city has uno population of gastos generales 140,000 making it ns second most populous city in ns province that Málaga. Situated along the costa del Sol, Marbella is a extendido tourist destination for its warm climate and proximity to los ocean.Besides renowned beaches and late night bars, the tourist location is also página de inicio to numerous museums, statues, arte galleries, and festivals. The ciudad is home to multiple ayudar a las personas Dali sculptures along the avenida del Mar.