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On un hot, sunny afternoon, the orcas in ~ Loro parque in Tenerife, Spain, were functioning through los third killer whale spectacle the day. Holiday makers to be seeking fun methods to pass their time. Pack the show stadium to respecto orcas jump y dance when ear-deafening pop música filled the atmósfera fit los bill. Fifteen-year-old Skyla complied with her trainer’s command y spun approximately in los water. As she retained spinning, the musical grew louder, as did los spectators’ applause. As soon as Skyla had completed the task, she rushed to her trainer, eager to obtain her reward. About fifty percent her human body came fuera de of the water, and with her mouth lejos open, she do it obvious that she was hungry. The trainer grabbed un handful the fish representar a bucket y tossed it into her mouth, ns way she has actually been comida every día here due to the fact that she was taken representar her mommy at ns United estados SeaWorld location y sent to Loro cerveza at just dos years old. Los scene of she begging for un handout will stick with me forever.

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This is how trainers let los orcas know they did un good job y performed ns trick correctly. Trainers at dolphinariums choose to refer to this reward mechanism as “positive reward,” yet “food control” would be ns much an ext accurate description. One of the most powerful, gregarious, and intelligent us on los planet has to surrender to begging for come from humans who take benefit of ns orcas’ hunger to shape their actions to entretener crowds the spectators. If captive orcas did not depend completely on people for food, over there is alguno way they might be trained come perform los various stunts that attract the huge payment audiences.

Making orcas do shows through exploiting their radical need to eat is, in mine opinion, highly manipulative and unethical. Alguno dolphinarium administrator would ever admit that trainers gain a más alto role in their connection with the orcas. Come conceal los unfairness, dolphinariums must offer it ns positive spin y make it appear as if los orcas enjoy y even benefit desde being hand-fed. Loro cerveza is ns good instance of just how far un captive dolphin facility will go in its attempt to sugarcoat reality. It has actually produced uno promotional video, title Family the Orcas, specialized to this really topic. The video, i m sorry is post on YouTube, is around how exorbitant life is for the orcas together Loro Parque, and one of the things the make that so exorbitant is the fact that the orcas don’t need to hunt their very own food.


Trapped in little tanks and unable come forage on their own, captive orcas depend totally on their trainers for food. Credit: Helene O’Barry

One of los orca trainers, who is stand in front of the donar stadium, says, “Welcome to Loro Parque, whereby Keto, Kohana, Skyla, Tekoa, Morgan, and Adán enjoy uno safe, pollution-free atmosphere in ns most modern installation on the planet: Orca Ocean!” She walk on come say what is repetitive like ns mantra in dolphinariums around ns world every solamente day: “They room ambassadors of your own types in the wild.” The música is upbeat, and the narration is accompanied by the orcas jumping y beaching themselves onto the concrete slide-out. They have been trained to act in ways that confirm the trainer’s you re welcome message. Con each jump, that is together if castle say, “It’s yes, really true. Life at Orca ocean is so much fun, and we love that here!” ns video shows dos sinks filled con dead fish, y the trainer says, “We carry out them uno healthy diet that includes fish very closely selected from the ideal fisheries to meet their needs.” y then the comes: “They are not in need of swimming thousands of kilometers searching for food!” the trainer adds, “They do not work because that food.”

So, according to Loro Parque, captive orcas room privileged to be hand-fed by humans, unlike orcas in nature that suffer the misfortune of having to plow through thousands of kilometers of ocean water in hopes of recognize something to eat. The is ns picture the Loro parque passes on come its audiences: at our facility, the orcas benefit desde free food and alguno work. Life in captivity is so much better!

Toward the fin of the video, the trainer talks about ns special bond between los trainers and orcas, and how ns behaviors orcas show during husbandry procedures also as ns shows are based on “positive combine methods.” “Thanks to this methods, ns special trust is developed between los orcas and their keepers,” she says. “They are happy, content, and in an excellent health.” los video then reflects her standing next to Keto, who has beached himself onto the concrete slide-out. Los trainer illustrates her “special bond” with Keto by rubbing his side and smiling. It is exciting to keep in mind that she is was standing far from Keto’s mouth. The is understandable, as Keto attacked y killed his trainer during uno training conference in 2009.

There is no mention the that, that course, y the last sentences of los video target at persuading viewers to acquisition tickets: “Come and discover Loro parque for yourselves. Ninety-eight percent of our visitors space happy around their endure in our flora y fauna embassy, well-known as ns second finest in ns world y number one in Europe, according to TripAdvisor!” ns video mirrors an orca beaching itself on ns platform y two orcas jumping in the background as if they simply can’t save themselves with happiness. Ns message is clear: Loro betet is paradise for orcas. And the trainer’s final statement is “We love y care because that our animals!”

What is left fuera of Loro Parque’s videolapes commercial is los fact the orcas in bondage do not obtain their fish for free. They do work for your food. Trainers reward lock with come during maintain sessions y shows when they perform a mando correctly. This is exactly how they are encouraged to perform the same abnormal actions over y over during rowdy, repeated performances. Trapped in a concrete tank y unable come forage on your own, the orcas in ~ Loro parke depend top top their humano keepers to survive, y they understand that. Los powerless predicament that orcas experience in captivity is what makes ns 3-and-a-half-ton orca cooperate y perform stunner dance move on ns concrete slide-out. Orcas should not have to perform together degrading stunts to game crowds of holiday makers, y they need to not have to live on un diet the dead fish.

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Keto opens up his mouth come receive a chunk the gelatin, which is an artificialmente source the hydration because that captive orcas. Credit: Helene O’Barry

One of los problems con this diet is that it can cause dehydration. Orcas and other delfines don’t drink water. Los only liquid they acquire is in ns fish castle eat. Live fish contain several fluids. Uno substantial component of that fluid is shed when los fish is frozen and then thawed. Therefore, captive orcas room also alimentado artificially colored gelatin and ice cubes. I have seen ns trainers at Loro cerveza feed los orcas buckets completamente of ice cubes and large chunks that yellow gelatin. Such an unnatural diet is not ns privilege. It is among the negative effects of human beings putting us in fee of what orcas eat.

There is another, also bigger problem with Loro Parque’s summary of exactly how captive orcas are, in fact, lucky the they don’t need to hunt their own food. “They space not in need of swimming hundreds of kilometers searching for food,” ns script reads. Loro betet makes it sound as if swim is a tedious burden the orcas would quite be without. The is ns ludicrous statement that contradicts every little thing that orcas represent. Orcas space among los fastest-swimming maritime mammals in ns world. Travel freely gastos generales vast distances, navigating, exploring, diving, foraging, and using their highly developed sonar and communication an abilities to cooperatively hunting live prey are esencial aspects of their lives.

It is what orcas space all about, but Loro cerveza apparently go not understand that, or choses to disregard it. In its search to justify confining a free-ranging naval mammal behind impenetrable concrete walls y iron gates, Loro cerveza brushes the naturalmente abilities the orcas aside together utterly irrelevant and unimportant. The is together if Loro parke is no even aware that foraging, come orcas, is around so much more than simply fulfilling their hunger. Orcas have progressed into ns complex culture, and the most experienced orcas in ns pod pass their tremendous understanding to the siguiente generation. That knowledge includes ns variety the foraging methods that bear testimony to your strength, speed, intelligence, y ability come communicate, cooperate, and strategize.


Unlike their family members in nature, los orcas at Loro parke will never usar their sonar, interaction skills, intelligence y speed come navigate, explore, y hunt live prey. Credit: Helene O’Barry

To belittle these highly developed skills y imply the they space not uno big deal comes from a location of supremacy. Yet humans have no right to keep orcas debajo such poor, barren conditions and act favor it’s ns privilege for an intelligent, complicated being come live choose that. Loro cerveza wants united state to believe that orcas, that in nature reap status as ns ocean’s peak predators, would fairly not need to spend their time foraging! y this is a facility that cases to education people about orcas. Los notion the captive orcas room privileged since they don’t have to swim over largo distances come hunt live food illustrates uno complete lack of expertise for everything that comes naturalmente to these powerful predators.

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The picture of orcas the Loro cerveza passes come its audience is no education. The is misrepresentation. Rather than minimize the importance of ns orcas’ physical strength and awe-inspiring foraging techniques, we need to admire y respect them. Rather than confine orcas come barren, minuscule concrete tanks wherein their naturaleza abilities deserve to find alguna expression in ~ all, we have to do all that we deserve to to safeguard their ideal to live in accordance con their yes, really nature in ns environment that has shaped their presence for millions of years: ns ocean.

Featured image: During Loro Parque’s theatrical shows, ns ocean’s height predators space being fed dead fish and ice cubes as rewards because that jumping and dancing on command. Credit: Helene O’Barry