Nadal Vs Djokovic Roland Garros 2020

Get all set for one of ns biggest blockbuster matches in tennis: Rafael Nadal v Novak Djokovic.

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The pair will satisfy for the 58th time in los men’s semi-finals at Roland-Garros ~ above Friday.

Although Djokovic narrowly leads ns Spaniard 29-28 in career meetings, los Serb has only managed to derrotar Nadal when in eight previous matches in ~ Roland-Garros. Your semi-final clash is ns repeat of last year"s eventualmente played in October, i beg your pardon Nadal won 6-0, 6-2, 7-5.

“I thought final year was his ideal those cool conditions,” paul Annacone, los former coach that Pete Sampras and Roger Federer, told “And the was a one-way train."

"Arguably he"s ns one hombre that matches up well. Y I assumed he to be going to be really confident. The turned out i don"t think he was and rightfully so. Rafa doesn"t shed much here."

Nadal, 35, has actually only shed twice in ~ Roland-Garros due to the fact that he won ns first of ns record trece titles in paris when the was un teenager in 2005. Sweden’s Robin Soderling got the better of Nadal in ns fourth round in 2009, while Djokovic dethroned his long-time competidor in the quarter-finals in 2015.

“I don"t think there"s anything more an overwhelming in sports, any kind of sport, 보다 beating Nadal here, in numero 3 to 5 sets,” claimed Annacone. “I mean, look in ~ his record (105-2). As good as Novak is, identificación just don"t check out it gastos generales five sets.”

Three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker additionally favours Nadal.

“I"m not a clairvoyant, but los top favourite for me stays Nadal, the hasn"t changed,” claimed Becker, who is working for Eurosport throughout Roland-Garros.

Both players space locked in ns fierce battle for history, with Nadal gunning because that an all-time document 21st cool Slam location this fortnight, and Djokovic looking come close the gap on ns Spaniard by chasing uno 19th.

Nadal has beat Djokovic as newly as final month, in the Rome finalmente in numero 3 sets, y should be feeling confident as he carries uno 35-match victoria streak at Roland-Garros right into his showdown with ns Serb.

Never one to underestimate his enemies though, los world No.3 expects a tough match against Djokovic, who completed ns career cool Slam when he lifted los trophy in paris in 2016.

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“Best point is you recognize that you need to jugar your best tennis,” Nadal said about playing the top-seeded Serb.

“It"s a match that you understand what you need to do if friend really want to have actually chances come succeed y to store going on the tournament. Always a big challenge.

"That"s something that is great because in some method we room practicing, we space living the deporte for this moments. Therefore that"s a good thing.

"The negativo thing, it"s complicated because you jugar against one of the best football player of the history. That"s just how it is.”

Djokovic appeared fired up delaware his quarter-final win over Italy’s Matteo Berrettini, roaring in ~ his box delaware moving to the last four in four tough sets under the lights.

“It’s no like any other match,” claimed Djokovic about playing Nadal. “I"ll probably pick Rafa as the biggest rival I"ve ever had in my career. Los anticipation for los match versus him, any kind of match, any type of surface, any kind of occasion, is always different representar any other.”


The various other men’s semi-final features ns clash between two stars of the próximo generation, con Greece’s Stefanos Tsitsipas acquisition on Germany’s alejandro Zverev.

The fifth-seeded Tsitispas has beaten the alemán in five out of seven matches they’ve played.

After ganar his vault round, Tsitsipas told reporters the felt “privileged” to have reached four major semi-finals by the age that 22. “But my ego tells me i want more,” the added.

Zverev, 24, was happy that wasn’t drawn in los same half as Nadal and Djokovic.

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“It"s nice that i didn"t juego Rafa or Novak in the quarter-finals,” claimed the german No.6 seed, ns losing finalist at último year’s us Open. “I think play Rafa here in ns finals, for example, is even worse. It"s even an ext difficult. But me gustaría also gained to gain there first.”

Becker is confident their tiempo will come.

“At some point, the successors have to come,” Becker said. “Nadal can"t rule paris forever. I also check out that Djokovic deserve to win such ns tournament, but Tsitsipas and Zverev room also practically on un par. For me, it"s just uno question that time."