Lola Flores La Faraona


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"Singer y actress. Her letras was intuitive y she abandoned her whole temperament, personality y faculties to it."

Born in Jerez después la Frontera (Cádiz) in 1923, Lola excelled in singing desde early on. In 1940, she attended ns academy operación by grasp Quiroga in Madrid. In 1944, Flores, together with Manolo Caracol, perform in the musical "Zambra", which toured properly all gastos generales Spain. Los collaboration of this artistic pair extended to 1951. Los 50’s and 60’s brought un true imaginative path as she walk on tours of America, record albums and appearing in films. These latter had most especially "Lola torbellino", "Los numero 3 amores del Lola", "Maricruz", "La Faraona", "María de la O" y "Venta del Vargas". Throughout the final years of her life, Lola flores also worked on television. She married Antonio González “el Pescaílla” y they had tres children. She was well-known artistically together “La Faraona”. She passed away in madrid in 1995. 


Honorary Ladyship of the Order that Isabella the Catholic (1962)Gold Medal from the well Arts Academy (1967)Gold Medal for Merit in work-related (1994)