Lo Nuestro Calle Betis

Sevilla Flamenco Bars

Watching flamenco in ns bar gives you ns chance for a different experience from the tablaos y other experto shows.

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Many people will tell you this is much more authentic flamenco, although los talent level of ns performers will nearly always less than the tablaos. However it is un great means to see a free and improvised flamenco show, where locals and tourists may jump in to run or song (hopefully ns tourists don"t sing!). Below are some spots scattered transparent the ciudad of Seville. Numerous are situated across the river in Triana.

La Carboneriac/Levies dieciocho (Santa Cruz)
Famous desde it"s cite in virtually every guide book around Sevilla, it"s quiet worth un trip. Free music, frequently flamenco, can be found in the espalda covered terraza, extendido in the summer and winter. Ns front bar with un more rustic, winter pub setting includes uno piano, rock walls y floors, fireplaces and wooden tables y chairs. Uno mix that people, representar pijo to earthy, spanish to every nationality under los sun, con plenty of americans if here for just a day or two. Aside desde it"s call as a tourist bar, once there"s uno live act y I"ve got ns friend in town they always come far liking the place.Lo Nuestroc/Betis, 31 (Triana)A fixture ~ above calle betis for años it"s un great ar for ns little flamenco with a group playing just about every night. Uno nice break from the discotecas y other bars con bad pop music on calles Betis. No La Tabernac/Duarte, 3 (Triana)A an excellent place because that an improvised donar just down the street from Lo Nuestro. Drinks room all you pay, delaware that sit back and enjoy ns flamenco -papposo normally signing and guitar. patria Anselmac/Pagés del Corro, cuarenta y nueve (Triana)One of the best well-known bars of ns Triana flamenco scene wherein Sevillanas is common. Anselma it s her will most likely greet you at ns door,and while ns performance is cost-free she will keep an eye on you come make certain you order in ~ least uno drink at ns bar! view a foto report at sevilla5. SimpecaoPaseo de la O —apoyándose riverwalk (Triana)Take in uno little flamenco appropriate on los shore of the river. Improvised and spontaneous, it"s un great location to because that flamenco in Triana.

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This section of los riverwalk is in much better shape 보다 it was 10 years ago! La Madrugác/Salado (Triana)Close to los Plaza de Cuba and plenty of places to ear. Live flamenco weekly. Taberna Flamencac/Adriano (Arenal)In ns heart of the Arenal nightlife, and close to the Plaza del Toros. La Carboneriac/Levies dieciocho (Santa Cruz)Famous representar it"s cite in nearly every guide book around Sevilla, it"s still worth un trip. Cost-free music, regularly Flamenco, deserve to be discovered in the regreso covered terraza, generalizado in los summer y winter. Ns front bar with ns more rustic, winter pub environment includes un piano, stone walls y floors, fireplaces y wooden tables y chairs. Ns mix that people, representar pijo come earthy, spanish to every nationality under ns sun, con plenty of americans if right here for only a day or two. Aside representar it"s call as uno tourist bar, when there"s ns live act and I"ve got ns friend in town they always come far liking ns place. Lola ese los ReyesAvda Blas Infante (Los Remedios)More upscale clientele in ese Remedios. Ns RejoneoAvda. Blas Infante (Los Remedios)Don"t be fear to gain up and dance dentro de El Rejoneo, as countless join in as ns night move on. ns Tamboril (Closed)Plaza del Santa superar (Santa Cruz) uno bar where you deserve to watch y listen to a little flamenco, or sign up with in con locals to dance Sevillanas. Ns Perro Andaluzc/Bustos Tavera (Santa Catalina)Weekly flamenco performances which are free. Sometimes the acts empezar a small later 보다 they speak on los bill. This is not ns bar committed to flamenco yet is heavily involved in the lugares arts scene.

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Tertulia Flamenca c/Castilla 47 (Triana) typically holds flamenco performances on Friday nights. No

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