Horario Terra Mitica 2015

Today we’ll proceed our serie about los Spanish Theme parque History with los sixth article. Every dos weeks we’re publishing one of eight short articles about the history of thirteen Spanish amusement y theme parks. Several of them alguna longer exist, however some others space still operating and receiving guest nowadays. In this series, we travel in time through ciento sesenta y ocho years in theme park history, beginning in 1853, to our work in 2021. In this article we’ll emphasis on Isla Mágica and Terra Mítica.

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Isla mágico (Seville, 1997)

Isla Mágica, inaugurated in 1997, was los second theme parque of Spain. It’s uno small parque in compare to ns major Spanish parks, for instance, it’s approximately tres times smaller than PortAventura Park y half ns size of parke Warner. However, it supplies six different well-themed locations (Sevilla – Puerto del Indias, Puerta de América, La Guarida del los Piratas, La Fuente después la Juventud, ns Dorado and Amazonia), dos roller coasters (Jaguar y El Tren ese Potosí), cuatro water rides (Los Bucaneros, Anaconda, Iguazú and Rápidos del Orinoco) y an interaction dark drive (Capitán Balas).

Sevilla – Puerto de Indias areaSource: www.islamagica.es

The park was constructed in ns same ar where the mil novecientos noventa y dos Universal Exposition of Seville (Expo ’92) to be held, around los lagoon that was formerly part of ns Spanish pavilion.

1992 espectro Exposition of SevilleSource: https://canalhistoria.es/blog/como-impacto-la-expo-92-en-nuestro-pais/

On opened day, ns park’s main rides y attractions to be Jaguar, an turning back SLC extended Vekoma coaster; Anaconda, uno flume ride; Iguazú, one Intamin Splash; Rápidos después Orinoco, an Intamin Rapids Ride; y Carrusel Mágico, uno 16th century merry-go-round.

JaguarSource: www.islamagica.esIguazúSource: www.islamagica.esCarrusel MágicoSource: www.islamagica.es

During ns years new rides have actually been included to the parque such as los Desafío, uno Maurer drop tower; Topetazú, un bumper coche track; capitán Balas, an interactive dark ride; a 4D Cinema; and El Vuelo después Halcón, a highly themed wave Swinger.

El DesafíoSource: https://www.themeparkreview.com/parks/p_226_4843_isla_magica_el_desafioEl Vuelo ese HalcónSource: www.islamagica.es

In dos mil catorce a tiny water park was inaugurated: Agua Mágica. In spite of it is like one more themed area of the park a different ticket is required to reap it, although the only access to ns water park is inside Isla milagro park. Agua milagro offers uno variety that pools, slides, y a lazy river. During los years small attractions have been included to it.

Agua MágicaSource: www.islamagica.es

Finally, the park also offers a great variety of live shows, representar impressive large theatre productions to night spectaculars or street shows. Isla mágico celebrates Halloween and Christmas seasonal events.

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La comedia ese los enredos showSource: www.islamagica.es
La leyenda del los piratas fantasmas showSource: www.islamagica.es

Terra Mítica (Benidorm, 2000)

Terra Mítica, inaugurated in 2000, is the third Spanish design template park. It is located in Benidorm, at ns Valencian region of Spain. It is themed around los ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean, representar Egypt to the Roman Empire and Greece. Previously the park had two other areas: ns Islas y Iberia, which have been separated representar the main park to become uno second gate, uno very controversial decision. The parque has also been related to relevant corruption and fraud court cases.

Egypt AreaSource: https://www.parquetematico.net/espana/terramitica/

On opened day, los park’s flagship ride was Magnus Colossus, ns wooden coaster produced by Roller Coaster corporation of america which, unfortunately, is closed indefinitely. An additional relevant ride on opening día was los Vuelo después Fénix, ns 56-meter-high Intamin giant free-fall tower.

Magnus ColossusSource: https://www.pa-community.com/parques/terra-mitica/atracciones/magnus-colossus
El Vuelo ese FénixSource: tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g187525-d553892-i78258541-Terra_Mitica-Benidorm_Costa_Blanca_Province_of_Alicante_Valencian_Country.html

In 2003, an covenant was got to for excelente to manage the park, which came to be “Terra Mítica, A supremo Park”. Los same year the nuevo Tizona roller coaster was inaugurated, i m sorry was after that relocated in 2009 to the Greece area and was change the name Titánide. Los guest late of Terra Mítica boosted during 2003 and 2004, however the park didn’t reach ns expected attendance purposes of 3 million yearly visitors y went right into bankruptcy.

TitánideSource: www.terramiticapark.com

During the years new rides have been added to the park such together Inferno, an Intamin 4D Zacspin; Tornado, ns Funtime estrella Flyer; and Synkope, ns Mondial Rides revolution ride.

InfernoSource: www.terramiticapark.com
TornadoSource: www.terramiticapark.com
SynkopeSource: www.terramiticapark.com

In dos mil trece the park was separated into 2 parks, Terra Mítica y Iberia Park, without including any new attractions, Iberia parque was advertised as something new, and the ticket prices to be increased. This decision was an extremely controversial, and some guest felt deceived.

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Terra Mítica parque (orange) and Iberia parque (yellow) mapSource: https://www.change.org/p/terra-m%C3%ADtica-cerrar-iberia-park-y-reunificar-el-parque

The dos mil diecinueve season the the parque was its último operational season, in 2020 Terra Mítica remained closed all los year. It’s expected that the parque will reopen at some señalar in 2021, but alguna date has actually been announced. The future of Terra Mítica is plainly uncertain.

Expected dos mil veintiuno reopening advertisementSource: www.terramiticapark.com

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