The coronación Foundation presents for los first hora in Madrid, ns collection of ns most important advertising posters of ns artist Toulouse-Lautrec provided by the museum of Yxelles in Brussels.

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Throughout 4 sections: The pleasures of the night; the pleasures of ns scenarios; Literary y artistic pleasures; and Modern pleasures. Consumption, the canal Foundation exhibits posters of Toulouse-Lautrec y their contemporaries. A enteramente of sesenta y cinco works are exhibited until might 6, 2018, the which 33 posters are representar Toulouse-Lautrec.

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This exhibition transports the visitor to los Belle-Époque through black and white película projections showing events that marked los time such together the gama Exposition of parís in 1889, ns appearance of ns department stores, ns increase the theatrical shows, etcétera … y that dando the changes of mentality and customs in the paris of the fin of los XIX century and the start of los XX.

The style of Toulouse-Lautrec

Henri Marie Raymond that Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa, also known as Toulouse- Lautrec is a painter however on a nineteenth-century French poster that damaged with arte Nouveau y reinvented the poster transforming it into an letras in its very own right.

Toulouse-Lautrec is uno forerunner in los design of ns modern poster. With un photographic approach, his posters capture ns characters con simplicity and frankness, utilizing strongly significant outlines, asymmetrical compositions, fancy spots and simple lines influenced by Japanese Art y aspects the Impressionism. In his very personal style, he additionally highlights los importance he provides to typography.

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The contemporary pleasures. Los consumption

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With Industrialization came an essential development of commerce y the birth of los consumer society. In this context, un multitude that objects and diverse goods, plenty of of them new and modern, start to be sold on uno large scale. Ns poster was then the radical means provided to disseminate these consumer products.

Many artists, amongst them Toulouse-Lautrec, took benefit of this new format and created un new, more direct and effective language for this reason that the posters could better sell the opinión or ns product. The ilustración of los woman y her charms becomes ns great claim for the products and a advertising strategy that confirmed to be generally effective at los time. It was so that modern advertising was also born.

The pleasures of los scenarios

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Paris experienced ns remarkable artistic and literary effervescence, which make it ns cultural capital of the time. Many cabarets y café-concerts flourish con daring shows that reflected the spirit of flexibility of the artists. An aire of modernity spread out throughout los city. The reading of this posters promoting the plays becomes one of los favorite distractions of los pedestrians of ns Parisian boulevards, being existing topic specifically for the women who copy the suits of ns artists to go to los latest fashion.

Toulouse- Lautrec has been inspired by los profound alters that have actually been introduced in society, of ns effervescent Parisian life, of Montmartre, especially its cabarets, its fatal women y nocturnal pleasures to express them in their works. Make posters that promote these plays. Among the best well-known are los poster of Le conversation Noir (the black cat), and the posters that represent the performances of los dancer woman Avril or los singer-songwriter Aristide Bruant.

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Photo by Life la villa de madrid Magazine
Photo by Life la villa de madrid Magazine

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