How To Convert Pdf To Word With Foxit Phantompdf And Foxit Reader

Foxit lớn Word Converter is a converter that converts any size of document lớn Word. It"s easy khổng lồ install and to lớn use. Besides, this software also allows you khổng lồ create files without any problem. With to Word Foxit Converter, you can protect the most essential và their formats. It is therefore considered the best software. However, nothing is perfect. You might encounter Foxit convert to Word not working for some unknown reasons. No Worry! Below are the resolutions for you.

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Part 1: The Best Foxit lớn Word Converter Alternative

annexsport.storeelement Pro - The Best khổng lồ Word Converter

annexsport.storeelement Proannexsport.storeelement Pro is the highly recommended Foxit lớn Word converter alternative sầu. It is an all in one converter & editor. Basically, you can use it to lớn convert to lớn Word and lớn other tệp tin programs without losing your original format. It"s built in OCR features enables you to lớn convert & edit the scanned files without any problem. Apart from converting the files, you can also use it khổng lồ edit the files. In fact, you can easily modify the texts, pages in a and images. More so, if you want to lớn create from other files you can also depend on it. It is also fully compatible with Mac.


Key Features of This lớn Word Converter

It offers you a great digital tool that makes your editing experience áp lực không tính phí.With this tool, you can directly convert files khổng lồ Word, HTML, TEXT và other files.You can easily edit forms & create forms with multiple size templates.It allows you a convenient way lớn nói qua directly to Email, Dropbox, and other source.

Steps for Converting to Word

Step 1. Open the editor

Download & launch annexsport.storeelement Pro. On the primary window, click the "Convert" button then drag the files that you want to convert to the pop-up window.

Step 2. Select output format & start converting

Select the output format that you want lớn convert and then click "Convert". With this program, you can be able to lớn convert a batch of files. Also, you can specify the page range khổng lồ convert some files to Word pages.

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Part 2: Convert lớn Word with Foxit Not Working Fixed

Problem 1: Error message occurrence when installing Foxit.

Solution: To tackle this issue run spooler service before installing Foxit. You can vày this by going to lớn control panel- tools- services & then select spooler services.

Problem 2: Problem when registering it-This issue usually occurs only because UAC is allowed.

Solution: To handle this issue, simply go to where Foxit has been installed and then right cliông chồng on the registration .exe pháo & choose it as a run administrator. Clichồng the browser button & select a pcrkey.tex then register the key.

Problem 3: Issue on reducing the tệp tin.

Solution: This problem can occur due lớn the size of the first tệp tin document. You can follow the instructions lớn help you reduce the size of the file. Move sầu lớn the properties, and choose the general tab và then uncheck the button transparent imaging Model.

Problem 4: Error message occurrence access denied while registering Foxit.

Solution: In case such an issue arises, copy WINDOWSsystem 32 và then allow the editor lớn run again.

Problem 5: Problem encountered while uninstalling Foxit or while removing Foxit from the system.

Solution: This issue can occur when the printer driver is still running. To carry out the uninstallation process, ensure that the spooler is working. Start, choose Foxit Driver remove it. Alternatively, you can go to drivers & choose Foxit driver & then delete it. Move lớn server properties and choose Foxit driver and then erase it. Restart you Personal Computer.