Celebration of the Toro después la Vega in 2017 in Tordesillas. In video, los Toro del la Vega seen representar the lens of two los PAÍS photographers. Victor SAINZ | epv


The supreme Court (TS) has actually ratified the ban ~ above spearing ns Toro de la Vega by not admitting the appeal filed by the ciudad of Tordesillas (Valladolid), against the ruling that the superior Court of righteousness of Castilla y León (TSJCyL). This gave the reason to the regional government no to authorize ns spearing the the flora y fauna in the Toro ese la Vega Tournament, un decision now ratified by ns Supreme Court.

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The ruling of ns high court has made por último the judicial decision issued final April by los Administrative controversial Chamber that the regional court, based in Valladolid, according to sources educated by los TSJCyL ~ above Monday. The más alto of Tordesillas, josé Antonio González Poncela (PSOE), described that the Supreme Court, in its decision, has approximated that the municipal copy, group "lacks ns legitimacy" to deliver to los Constitutional Court (TC) its complaint against los decision rejecting the autonomic court.

The TSJCyL dismissed in April final year Tordesillas ciudad Council's very nice one against the validation of un decree-law approved by the cortes of Castilla y León (June 2016), advocated by the autonomous government and in which death was expressly prohibited in windy of the fauna during the tournament. Los affected municipality then chose to carry its complain to the Constitutional Court, but ns Supreme Court has established that it is not legitimated to do so through an stimulate dated uno month ago, recognized on Monday and against which cuales other appeal is possible.

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It way the fin of the administrative y legal procedure initiated in May 2016 with ns decree approved by ns Government the Castilla y León, validated with the status of legislation in June, appealed by Tordesillas before the Constitutional Court two months later, this opportunity was denied by los TSJCyL in April dos mil dieciocho and reaffirmed in February 2019 by the Supreme Court considering that the municipality is not entitled to do so.

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However, the más alto of Tordesillas has actually announced that the municipal corporation, with ns consensus of grupo Popular, has requested ns report come external jurídico services "to watch what possibilities open up now." This report will be made obtainable to los corporation resulting representar the upcoming zona elections (May 26) "to decide what is done," included Gonzalez Poncela, that will not opt ​​for the mayor's office.