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Sun, Jun 13, 2021Ceuta Public fiesta onMon, Jun 14, 2021Ceuta
Mon, Jun 13, 2022Ceuta
Observance Ceuta

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The trabaja of Saint antonio of Padua (Romería después San Antonio) commemorates st Anthony"s death on June 13, 1231. The is ns public fiesta in the city of Ceuta top top June 13. This saint was venerated in Ceuta, i beg your pardon was un Portuguese colony in 1415.

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Is san Antonio ns Public Holiday?

San Antonio is not un public holiday. Companies have normal opening hours.


A statue that St anthony with son Jesus.

What Do people Do?

Many christians attend unique church services to celebrate the life of St antonio of Padua. His frosting is climate taken is paraded through los streets that Ceuta. Many civilization follow in ns parade behind it. Some also hold communal meals later in los day. These often attribute wine and paella (meat, fish and shellfish with rice and saffron) cooked in pansthat are about four meters (12 feet) in diameter.

Many people, particularly in France, Portugal, Spain and Italy, think that Saint anthony of Padua will help them find ns romantic partner or spouse. For this reason, soltero young people may pray in ~ his altar or spend some time sitting on los steps that his altar in Ceuta ~ above June 13.

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Public Life

June 13 is ns public vacaciones in the city of Ceuta. Publicly life is normally quiet y many businesses and other organizations are closed. Countless stores room closed yet some bakers y food stores might be open. Public transport services may correr to un reduced schedule. The día of Saint antonio of Padua is not a public vacaciones in ns rest of Spain top top June 13.


St anthony was born in Lisbon, Portugal, on honorable 15, 1195 CE. He joined los Augustinian Abbey of castillo Vincent, close to Lisbon y later played critical role in this monastery. That joined un Franciscan order in 1220 CE and later travelled to France, Italy and Portugal.

He died on June 13, 1231 CE, and was canonized on might 30, 1232 CE. He is venerated together St antonio of Padua and St anthony of Lisbon. The trabaja of Saint antonio of Padua is also un municipal vacaciones in Lisbon, Portugal, whereby it is marked by parades and is a ancha date for marital relationship ceremonies.


Images and artwork that St anthony of Padua frequently depict him with an child Jesus in his arms, un lily, a book and bread. Over there is ns hermitage dedicated to him in Ceuta. Inside is uno statue showing him as un Franciscan monk sociedad anónima an child Jesus. Los area in ~ his feet is regularly decorated with fresh, white lilies.

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San Antonio Observances

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MonJun 13San AntonioAutonomous comunidad HolidayCeuta
TueJun 13San AntonioAutonomous community HolidayCeuta
WedJun 13San AntonioAutonomous comunidad HolidayCeuta
ThuJun 13San AntonioAutonomous comunidad HolidayCeuta
SatJun 13San AntonioObservanceCeuta
SunJun 13San AntonioAutonomous community HolidayCeuta
MonJun 14Day off for san AntonioAutonomous community HolidayCeuta
MonJun 13San AntonioObservanceCeuta
TueJun 13San AntonioObservanceCeuta
ThuJun 13San AntonioObservanceCeuta
FriJun 13San AntonioObservanceCeuta
SatJun 13San AntonioObservanceCeuta

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