Create A Bulleted Or Numbered List

Create a danh mục style và then attach the 5 built-in danh mục Bullet paragraph styles lớn the list style.

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Add danh sách Bullet lớn the Quick Styles gallery.To showroom bullets khổng lồ a paragraph, use the menu Bullet thumbnail on the trang chủ tab và the Increase Indent button as needed.To change anything to vì chưng with the the bullets, edit the list Style, not the individual paragraph styles.

Before you start here, you may lượt thích to read the introduction at How lớn control bullets in Microsoft Word.

If you are using Word 2003 or an earlier version, this page is not for you. You need How to lớn control bullets in Microsoft Word 2000, 2002 and 2003. If you're not sure what version of Word you have, see What version of Word vì I have?

Begin with the over in mind

To control bullets, don't use the bullets button on the ribbon. That will drive you crazy.

Instead, create a danh mục style to lớn manage the bullets, & then apply the built-in paragraph styles các mục Bullet, các mục Bullet 2, danh sách Bullet 3 etc lớn your text.

It's actually not hard to vì this, once you get the hang of it. After you've done this a couple of times it will take less time lớn set up your bullets than it will to read this article.

Why vị I need lớn use more than one danh mục Bullet style?

Word has five built-in paragraph styles named các mục Bullet, menu Bullet 2, danh mục Bullet 3 etc.

We're going khổng lồ use the danh sách Bullet paragraph style for bullets that begin at the far left. Bullets that have lớn be indented use các mục Bullet 2. Bullets that are indented a bit more are danh sách Bullet 3. Etc. Lượt thích this:

Level one bullets use style danh mục BulletLevel two bullets use style list Bullet 2Level three bullets use style menu Bullet 3Level four bullets use style danh sách Bullet 4And finally, level five bullets use style menu Bullet 5

Why do I need a menu style?

The built-in menu Bullet paragraph styles all have the text "List Bullet" in their names. That common naming is the only connection those paragraph styles have with one another. Word doesn't "know" that các mục Bullet 2 is supposed khổng lồ be an indented bullet 'below' style danh mục Bullet.


Figure 1: A list style is like the driver of a team of horses: it's the co-ordinating mechanism, but the horses (and the paragraph styles) still bởi all the work.

We have lớn tell Word that these five paragraph styles size some kind of "set". The mechanism we use to vị that is what Word calls a list Style.

A các mục Style is a bit lượt thích the driver of a team of horses. The menu style is in charge. But the paragraph styles actually vì the work. The driver can't get far without the horses. But without the driver, the horses will wander around, each doing just what it pleases. The driver—like a các mục style—is the unifying, co-ordinating mechanism (Figure 1).

So what vì I have to vày with all these styles?

Here is a quick overview of where we're going:

Create a new các mục style & attach the 5 built-in paragraph styles to your new danh sách style.Modify style danh mục Bullet to lớn show it on the trang chủ tab.Apply style danh mục Bullet & the other built-in paragraph styles lớn your text. Don't apply the danh mục style to lớn text.To edit the bullets orhorizontal spacing (eg the space between the bullet and the text), edit the menu style, not the paragraph styles.

How to lớn create a new danh sách style

To create your list style, on the home tab, in the Paragraph group, click the Multilevel list menu & choose Define New danh mục Style (Figure 2).


Figure 2: On the Multilevel các mục menu, choose the Define New danh sách Style option.

In the Define New menu Style dialog (Figure 3), bởi vì (only) two things:

Give your danh sách style a name.Hint: Give it a plural name. That makes it clear that this is a menu style that's controlling more than one paragraph style. And, give it a name directly related khổng lồ the paragraph styles you're going to use. We're going lớn use paragraph styles các mục Bullet, danh sách Bullet 2, menu Bullet 3 etc. So Isuggest naming the danh sách style as ListBullets.On the Format menu, click Numbering. (Why 'Numbering' when we're dealing with bullets? Because lớn Word, bullets and numbering are inextricably linked.)


Figure 3: In the Define New các mục Style dialog, give your các mục style a name và then click Format > Numbering

We're now in the Modify Multilevel danh mục dialog box (Figure 5). The danh sách style is the co-ordinating mechanism for the whole "set" of paragraph styles we'll use. So we set up all levels of bullets in this one dialog box.

For the simplest mix of ordinary bullets:

In the Modify multilevel danh mục dialog, click the More button.Attach the danh mục Bullet paragraph styles to the first 5 levels in the các mục style. To do that:In the 'Click màn chơi to modify' list, select level 1. In the 'Link màn chơi to style' box, choose danh sách Bullet. That attaches paragraph style danh sách Bullet to màn chơi 1 of the danh sách style.

In the 'Click cấp độ to modify' list, select cấp độ 2 and attach style list Bullet 2. Và attach list Bullet 3 to level 3, list Bullet 4 to màn chơi 4 và List Bullet 5 to level 5.

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(Keyboard users will experience a bug in this dialog box that's been there for 10 years or more: if you use the keyboard to attach your styles, typing the names of the styles as you go, you'll have to go back và re-attach các mục Bullet to cấp độ 1).

Now we tell Word about the bullets: round? square? arrows?In the 'Click màn chơi to modify' list, click level 1. 'In the Number style for this level' box, scroll down the list and choose the bullet you want.In the 'Click màn chơi to modify' list, select level 2. And choose your bullet for level 2. & so on down to màn chơi 5.For each of levels 6 lớn 9choose the level in the 'Click cấp độ to modify' listset the 'Number Style for this level' to lớn "(none") anddelete anything in the 'Enter formatting for number' box.The default indents are actually quite reasonable. If you prefer lớn change them, then you have two choices. The easy way is to click the "Set for all levels" button. You'll see the mix for All levels dialog (Figure 4).


Figure 4: Use the mix for All levels dialog lớn manage indents for your bullets

The hard way is khổng lồ set the 'Aligned at', 'Text indent at' và 'Add tab stop at' boxes individually. Just remember that they're all measured from the margin.

My finished settings look lượt thích Figure 5.


Figure 5: The finished settings in the Modify Multilevel list dialog

OK, OK back khổng lồ your document.

How to show the danh sách Bullet style on the trang chủ tab

Our ListBullets các mục style is all mix up & ready lớn go.But we never actually use thatlist style. Do not apply the danh mục style to your text. Instead, apply the menu Bullet, list Bullet 2 etc paragraph styles khổng lồ text.

We can make it very easy lớn apply style danh mục Bullet & its brothers và sisters by adding it to the Quick Styles gallery. Menu Bullet will then show on the trang chủ tab. The thumbnail will even show the bullet. To vì that, right-click the danh mục Bullet style name in the Styles pane and choose to add it khổng lồ the Quick Styles gallery. Full instructions at Control the Quick Styles gallery on the home Tab.

How khổng lồ apply the danh sách Bullet styles khổng lồ your text

How khổng lồ apply bullets khổng lồ a paragraph

To apply the bullets lớn one or more paragraphs in your document:

click once within a paragraph, or select text from two or more paragraphson the trang chủ tab, click the thumbnail for the list Bullet style (Figure 6) (or, for keyboard junkies, use Ctrl-Shift-L, which is the built-in keyboard shortcut for applying style list Bullet).


Figure 6: khổng lồ apply style danh mục Bullet lớn a paragraph, on the home tab, click the list Bullet thumbnail in the Quick Styles gallery

How to indent a bulleted paragraph (or: how lớn demote a bulleted paragraph)


Figure 7: Use the Increase Indent button lớn demote a paragraph (ie indent it khổng lồ the right)

Create lower-levels of bullets (which generally means khổng lồ indent your bulleted paragraphs) by applying the paragraph styles danh mục Bullet 2, menu Bullet 3 etc. To bởi that, you could put all 5 list Bullet styles on the Quick Styles gallery. But that would take up a lot of precious real estate.

For an easier way, using less real estate, use the Increase Indent button. It's on the home tab, in the Paragraph group (Figure7). And, to lớn promote a paragraph (ie move it to the left), use the Decrease Indent button. Or, for keyboard junkies use Shift-Alt-Right arrow and Shift-Alt-Left arrow.

There are three important things to lưu ý here:

If you click in a paragraph in style list Bullet & click the Increase Indent button (or do Shift-Alt-Right arrow), you're not applying some kind of nasty direct formatting. Word will apply style các mục Bullet 2 lớn your text. Click Increase Indent again, & Word will apply style danh sách Bullet 3. And so on.

That is, Word is applying the appropriate paragraph styles to lớn your paragraphs.

The Increase Indent & Decrease Indent buttons (and Alt-Shift-Left & Alt-Shift-Right) only work in this special way because you attached your list Bullet paragraph styles khổng lồ a các mục style. They don't work like this out-of-the-box.However…
Word wouldn't be Word without a few bugs. One bug that interferes with controlling your lists in this way is that the Increase Indent button & Alt-Shift-Right don't work on the first list Bullet paragraph in your document. Instead, the whole scheme of bullets moves to the right. So, don't click the Increase Indent button, or use Alt-Shift-Right. On the first bulleted paragraph in your document.

How khổng lồ edit your bulleting scheme

Your bulleting scheme is stored in your ListBullets menu style. It's not stored in the individual paragraph styles. Therefore:

Edit the list style if you want to lớn change the bullets, the position between bullet & text, the kích cỡ of the bullet và so on. Lớn edit your list style:Click within one of your bulleted paragraphs.On the home tab, in the Paragraph group, click the Multilevel danh mục menu button.You will see the ListBullets các mục style highlighted at the bottom of the menu.Right-click the thumbnail for the ListBullets list style & choose Modify. Format > Numbering. You can how change any or all of your bullet settings (Figure 8).


Figure 8: khổng lồ edit your menu style, right-click the name of your danh sách style in the Multilevel list menu and choose Modify.

Too good lớn be true?

All sounds too good lớn be true? It is. When you've finished getting your bullets right, you might be interested khổng lồ read some of the material the MVP people have put together on numbering. Start at the Microsoft Word MVP FAQ site, click FAQ & then Numbering.

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