Banco Sabadell London has actually been existing in ns UK since 1986 as uno fully work branch. The London office has primarily concentrated its task on los management of comercio relations in between UK and Spain. Our client basen consists of UK suppliers who have a close relationship con Spain, or Spanish companies with subsidiaries in the UK.

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Banco Sabadell through its London office, offers organization customers ns range of banking products y services draft to meet your financial needs and we run in both the UK and international markets. The London branch offers an experienced and bilingual team, with un professional y technical knowledge of banking y finance.

Banco Sabadell London offers los opportunity the entering los UK market in the hands of one of the leading Spanish banking groups, bringing comprehensive knowledge of the UK jae won market y by providing the services uno business requires. We additionally offer ns opportunity that entering ns Spanish market vía our Spanish branch network i m sorry has comprehensive knowledge of ns Spanish financial market.

Through ours participation in west European y other financial markets, we help your sociedad in the expansion and tailor our services to your certain needs.

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Banco Sabadell is among Spain’s principal banking groups, with more than 10,000 employees, and composed of various banks, brands, subsidiaries and affiliated service providers covering all locations of jae won business under one typical denominator: professionalism y quality.



You room currently associated to los web deal with of banco de Sabadell S.A., London, los United Kingdom branch of banco de Sabadell S.A. Whose registered office is in ~ Avda. Óscar Esplá 37, Alicante, sociedad registeration number NIF A08000143, registered in Alicante, tomo 4070, folio 1, paper A-156980.

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Authorised y regulated by banco de España. Understood authorised by los Prudential Regulation Authority. Topic to regulation by los Financial conduct Authority and limited regulation by ns Prudential Regulation Authority. Details of los Temporary Permissions Regime, which enables EEA-based firms to run in ns UK for a límite period if seeking completamente authorisation, are easily accessible on the Financial conduct Authority’s website.